Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA

At FortressIQ, we're building the tools enterprise businesses need to effectively embrace automation, whether that's automating a single process, deploying chatbots, or implementing complex AI. We're figuring out how to best leverage the data we're getting to accelerate automation within the Global 2000, and we've got a lot of work to do across the board. That's where you come in.

We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer who thrives on getting their hands into everything—whether it’s dealing with large amounts of data on the back end (Python, Ruby, Rails, Node.js) or presenting it on the platform (HTML, CSS, React). In this role, you will finally be able to channel your maniacal need to automate everything, and participate in product exploration as we determine the long-term and short-term roadmaps.


  • 4+ years of full stack engineering experience.
  • Experience working on big data systems.
  • Methodical mindset. Unit testing + functional testing = complete.
  • Enjoy collaboration and success in small, high-velocity teams.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and the determination to deliver the best solution.
  • An unnerving desire to automate everything.


  • Experience building enterprise software or business critical systems.
  • Computer science degree


Drop us a line at careers@fortressiq.com

About FortressIQ

FortressIQ defines security, insights and governance in enterprise business automation and AI. Venture-backed and based in San Francisco, we're building the defining platform for managing automation within the Global 2000. We believe that algorithms and bots work best when they're managed like employees: given the tools they need to succeed while being held to clear standards of success. Our mission is to help this new ‘digital workforce' thrive within the enterprise by addressing the security, compliance and data problems endemic to using today's automation platforms at scale.

To see how, sign up for a demo at www.fortressiq.com.