Your System of Record for Work

FortressIQ delivers human-level observability into the processes behind every strategic business initiative.

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Streamline & Scale

The data-driven insights powering transformation across your extended enterprise

FortressIQ uses AI and computer vision to create a detailed blueprint – of every process across every application and department in your entire technology landscape. In just weeks, we deliver the detailed information you need to answer the most pressing questions facing your teams.

Improving Outcomes

With FortressIQ, making strategic decisions for your business just got easier

Automated process discovery enables you to uncover insights at a scale and accuracy unattainable with more traditional methods. Confidently make decisions and strategically implement them across the enterprise, finally realizing the benefits promised by digital transformation.

Businesses don't run on anecdotes

FortressIQ eliminates the need to work with analysts and questionnaires to manually discover and document processes. Learn more about how we enable 100% accurate, automated process discovery in just a few weeks.

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