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Process Intelligence for Every Decision, Interaction, and Employee.

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A System of Record for Work

Data-driven insights powering transformation across your extended enterprise

FortressIQ uses AI and Computer Vision to capture and discover all relevant process data in just weeks. It is human-level observability that delivers context and meaning to all your organizational process data.

Process data is then decoded and delivered providing actionable information to help stakeholders make informed decisions and fuel their digital transformations.

Women in AI

Making strategic decisions for your business just got easier

By bringing process data to every employee, interaction and decision, FortressIQ enables you to uncover insights at scale like never before.

Confidently make decisions based on accurate and complete process data finally realizing the benefits promised by digital transformation.

Businesses don’t run on anecdotes

Organizations need more than hunches to help them make decisions. Ensure you have all the facts about your processes before you make your next big decision. Learn more about how we enable 100% accurate, automated process discovery in just a few weeks.

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