Prepare Yourself for Process Intelligence: Introducing FortressIQ Academy

Process intelligence lets you decode work to understand every task, interaction, and workflow so you can make better decisions, optimize processes, and empower employees to do more, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. 

Process intelligence is also fast, delivering detailed process data in just weeks, at enterprise scale, and across every app and system. But that doesn’t give you much time to get your hands on FortressIQ Process Intelligence to understand how to harness all of that power and data. Now, there’s no need to worry.

Introducing FortressIQ Academy

FortressIQ Academy empowers our customers and partners to quickly realize the immense value of FortressIQ Process Intelligence. It’s an efficient, phased training program to help individual users or global enterprises gain the skills necessary to understand, in accurate detail, how your business works at all levels.

With practical, hands-on training sessions, FortressIQ Academy provides instruction for all levels of learners.

  • Introductory modules help those new to process intelligence understand the concepts, technology, and data visualizations. 
  • Foundational topics provide process intelligence how-tos to enable fast results from process discovery and data mining, and the creation of process definition documents. 
  • Advanced courses empower practitioners and administrators with advanced tips and tricks for deeper event exploration and strategic business process analysis.

From the Comfort of… Anywhere

It’s a tricky work world out there, so FortressIQ Academy lets you take courses at the pace and location most appropriate for your needs and comfort level. Online, self-guided courses are available to help you quickly develop proficiency with FortressIQ. Instructor-led training is also available, which is especially beneficial for larger teams or specialized use cases.

Start Learning Process Intelligence Today

FortressIQ automatically and continuously captures your business process data, at scale, and across every enterprise system. It provides a clear and accurate view of how your business works today. But that doesn’t give you much time to get up to speed on how to use process intelligence insights to execute business process automation, accelerate digital transformations, or ensure the sustainability of enterprise optimizations. 

So get started with FortressIQ Academy today. To learn more, contact your account executive or partner representative today.