Giving Thanks for Our FortressIQ Team

Each year the holiday season brings with it a renewed appreciation for the joys in our lives. We’re encouraged, and one specific holiday implores us directly, to give thanks. That’s rightfully expressed to our friends and families on Thanksgiving, but it’s also important not to overlook the family we work with every day. We’re very thankful for our FortressIQ family, and here’s why.

Thank You for Your Teamwork

While nearly all companies seem to convey the same progressive values, we truly do think we’re different in this respect. When we say we thrive on new ideas and creativity, choose to work together instead of independently, and leverage our diversity, we mean it and we display it daily. This makes FortressIQ a decidedly team-driven organization. 

In practice, it means we really do rely on each other to accomplish tasks and reach both team and individual goals. When one of us is overwhelmed, others actively step in to help, guide, assist, and move things forward. We don’t see silos or consider it an overstep. What we do see is a concerted effort by everyone to achieve greatness, collectively. 

To our FortressIQ team, we thank you for your dedication to the broader team. You could choose to look the other way or take the “it’s not my job” attitude, but you are all focused on the FortressIQ dream. We are pioneers in a new and exciting field and it will take a team effort to make this dream a reality.

We’re also thankful for your empathy and support of your teammates. FortressIQ is a fun place to work because you all display genuine enjoyment and respect for each other. We see how you jump in to help, celebrate wins, and offer encouragement and motivation, and it’s inspiring.

Thank You for Your Dedication

We are acutely aware of the current supply-vs-demand equation for tech workers. There are far more job openings than available talent to fill them, so it takes a level of dedication to make a company like FortressIQ competitive. Both for you, our current team, and those out there who we want to join us. 

As a team, we’re a bit selfish in this regard because we go out of our way to hire people who are incredibly smart, motivated, and, frankly, enjoyable to be around. It’s who we all want to work with and we tout that when we’re trying to recruit new people. But, talent matters, too. Like Liam Neeson said in Taken, you each bring a particular set of skills to compliment those of the broader team. When we combine your dedication and your talent, we’re unstoppable.

To our FortressIQ team, we thank you for everything you bring to the table each and every day. Your intelligence elevates everyones’ performance, your creativity propels our innovation, and your enthusiasm is infectious.

Thank You for Getting Us Here

As a company, FortressIQ is in an enviable position. We’re creating an innovative and valuable solution at the nexus of AI, automation, and digital transformation, three of the hottest areas in technology. We continue to add new customers, attract new partners, and expand process intelligence into new and exciting areas. Obviously, none of that would be possible without your effort, teamwork, and dedication, and we thank you.

Thank You for Your Interest

We’re very thankful for the entire FortressIQ team, during the holiday season and throughout the year. But, if you’re not currently part of the FortressIQ team, well then thank you for reading this far. You now know a bit more about who we are, the values we find important, and the team we’re building.

Want to know more? Visit our Careers page to review current openings. Or, check us out on LinkedIn to learn more about our team.