What You Can’t See Will Definitely Scare You!


All across your organization, workers are going about their day, unaware of the apparitions lurking within every task. They’re in the non-compliant process and the missed field, hiding behind the cut corner, and feeding on the soul of rogue macros and error-filled spreadsheets.

But these ghosts are only frightening because you can’t see them. Once you flip on the lights, they change from scary unknowns into friendly opportunities for process improvements. Let process intelligence be your floodlight to illuminate bottlenecks, highlight potential transformations, and banish inefficient processes for good.

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  • Supply Chain
    Everything is quiet, so logistics and inventory must be working in the most efficient and effective ways… Probably not! Better deploy process intelligence.
  • Operations
    Oh look, workers have different processes across different facilities. Let’s standardize and optimize!
  • Finance
    Hey, that manual invoicing process consumes days of bandwidth every month.  Let’s explore robotic process automation (RPA) for that task.



  • Risk & Compliance
    Wow, that process non-compliance opens us up to a lot of risk. Let’s work on reigning in those maverick tasks.
  • Sales
    Our reps are surely updating CRM and tracking their calls, but it’s odd that our sales forecasts are not very accurate.
  • IT
    Our shadow IT problem didn’t seem to be that bad, but process intelligence showed how many uncontrolled systems and processes were in use.



  • Human Resources
    HR works such long hours, it’s difficult to understand why it takes months to recruit and onboard new employees.
  • Customer Service
    Phew, so glad we used process intelligence to highlight the friction in our support processes so we could speed up our resolution times.
  • Field Service
    Process intelligence showed ways to cut hours out of the monthly reporting processes for each of our hundreds of field service agents.

Want to shine a bright light on the processes that make your organization work?

Let us exorcise your process ghosts with FortressIQ Process Intelligence. See it in action in our next demo; they’re every other Thursday. And, unlike that process ghost behind you, FortressIQ demos are alive. Or, rather, live. Boo!