Your Checklist to Answer, “Should We Automate That?”

Every enterprise is under pressure to accelerate growth, find efficiencies, increase productivity, and do it all while working remotely. Customers are also demanding more speed and greater value at less cost, while suppliers want streamlined invoicing, delivery, quality control, and other processes. It’s pushing your digital transformation efforts to their limits, especially as more of your internal stakeholders assume automation is as easy as flipping a switch. 

Process automation is a highly-efficient, high-ROI, and proven tactic for digital transformation. But you can’t just assume every process is ripe for automation. Before selecting a process for automation, you must understand that process in great detail. What are the inputs and desired outputs? What are the expected steps? What are the actual steps taken by workers? Which systems and data are involved? What would an ideal process look like? And that’s just scratching the surface. 

To help you answer questions and guide your process automation efforts, we’ve developed a new checklist: Should My Enterprise Automate That?

This checklist helps you create an enterprise-wide strategy for successful process automation. It’s built on a foundation of first discovering candidates for enterprise process automation in a fast and efficient manner. Then, it explains how deep, granular process data is needed to decode and document the intricacies behind how your business actually works. Finally, it provides a guide to determine which processes are ideal candidates for automation and how you can track, measure, and ensure the success of every process automation effort. 

Should My Enterprise Automate That? is an automation-centric checklist to align your process automation goals with the realities of your workplace operations. The checklist covers four key areas of enterprise process automation exploration:

  1. Process complexity
  2. Mission criticality of target processes
  3. Key success metrics
  4. Importance of detailed process documentation

Download this new infographic-style checklist today and get started on your path to successful enterprise process automation.