We’re here to unlock the limitless potential of the global workforce by accelerating the responsible and ethical use of AI in the enterprise.
Our Values

Trust & Integrity

It’s not just about the destination, it’s as much about the path you take to get there. We’re tackling hard problems, and need to assemble the best people to help us. We do this by trusting in our community, embracing change, and seeking balance. Trust is the foundation of scalability – for our customers, employees, partners, and investors. Change is inherent and without it, there is no innovation. Balance powers our empathy – we believe that each of us have a responsibility to ensure that the world we’re building benefits all of humanity. Learn More

Our Leadership

Executive Team

We’re a team of passionate builders who believe that the intelligent combination of cutting edge AI and the wonder of Human capabilities has the potential to change the world. We’re honored to be part of that change.

Pankaj Chowdhry

Pankaj Chowdhry

Founder & CEO

Ryan Stroub

Ryan Stroub

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Tsuchiyama

Stephen Tsuchiyama

Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Jay Sivachelvan

Jay Sivachelvan

Vice President, Business Development & Partnerships

Christelle Flahaux

Christelle Flahaux

Vice President, Marketing

FortressIQ Board of Directors

Pankaj Chowdhry


Nakul Mandan

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Ed Sim

Boldstart Ventures

Tamara Steffens


Our Investors

FortressIQ is backed by the best names in venture capital. These teams aren’t just our capital support – they’re our partners.

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