hello Human Podcast Season 2

Season two features real life uses cases of AI across healthcare, corporate security, fashion, hospitality, and more.

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Episode 22

Citizen Services Powered by AI

Max Vicino
AI, IoT, & Intelligent Automation Director, Northeast Region, United States at Avanade

Today, Jon Knisley (the host of hello, Human and a long-time technologist helping companies adopt and utilize emerging digital solutions) talks with Max Vicino, the director for AI, IoT, and automation at Avanade about this episode’s topic: citizen services powered by AI. 

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Episode 21

Automation as the Problem Solver for the Fashion Industry

Tara Robinson
Founder & Product Marketing Manager at TracksRacks

As an industry leader, Tara shares her insight and knowledge of the fashion industry as well as AI development in order to give us a unique take on what AI can and will do for the fashion industry.

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Episode 20

Rebooting Talent Acquisition with AI

Jessica Zych
VP, Strategic Partnerships at FortyOak

The Great Resignation is here and it’s real. To help handle the uptick in transitions, AI-enabled technology solutions are delivering productivity, efficiency, and accuracy to the traditionally human-centered process.

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Episode 19

Let’s Talk About AI

Surbhi Rathore
CEO & Co-Founder at Symbl.ai

Conversation intelligence provides businesses with meaningful and actionable insights directly from the voice of customers as well as employees, in order to understand and predict behavior.

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Episode 18

How AI and Robotics are Fueling the Future of Food

Derek Pietz
VP of Automation at Hyphen Technologies

Labor shortages in the food and beverage industry are nothing new, but after a global pandemic, the industry was hit harder than ever. Food service organizations are turning to automation and robotic solutions to help conquer the labor shortages and enhance food safety.

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Episode 17

The Application of AI to Sales and Marketing

Anu Shukla
Co- Founder & Executive Chairman at Botco.ai

Marketing and sales have transformed over the years. What was once cold calling and email drip, has transformed into chat bots that engage with customers all across the world. Analyzing conversations, learning about a business’ processes, and understanding a customer’s wants and needs is the very base of successful marketing automation.

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Episode 16

Uncovering the Mystery of Your Data

Pankaj Chowdhry
Co-Founder & CEO at FortressIQ

Many organizations fail to discover the whole of their data, creating the mystery of data. Most organizations do not truly understand how they operate, especially at a granular level of detail. We are starting to get an understanding, and process intelligence technology is there to help us gain that insight.

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Episode 23

How AI is Reshaping Healthcare

Matt Gustitus
Advisor, Intelligent Process Automation at Digital Workforce Solution

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