Integrate the Power of Process Intelligence

Our technology partners enhance and extend the FortressIQ solution to provide innovative new solutions and a faster time-to-market to transform enterprises around the world.

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Transformational Insights

Instant Process Intelligence

FortressIQ gives you powerful insights to help your customers optimize processes, improve operations, elevate experiences, and more. A joint solution adds this power to your product suite for more wins in less time, and ultimately, more satisfied customers.


Expand Your Offerings with Process Intelligence

Harness our Process Intelligence to create market-crushing solutions that incorporate automatically generated and highly granular enterprise process data. Integrate with FortressIQ to win more business, differentiate against the competition, enhance your product suite, and turbo charge your value proposition by offering a groundbreaking solution.


FortressIQ quickly captures and analyzes detailed process data by eliminating the need for manual process capture and the slow data entry of questionnaires, screenshots, and time and motion studies. Our process discovery happens up to 90% faster when compared to traditional methods, significantly improving time to value and increasing ROI.


FortressIQ lets you tackle transformation projects of any size with detailed, enterprise-grade process discovery. Our Process Intelligence captures – in specific detail – process data from across the organization so your solutions leverage impactful yet accurate process information.


FortressIQ delivers hyper-accurate process data, in near real-time, for previously unattainable insights. It gives you the confidence to present, analyze, or transform process data without delays, gaps, or guesswork.


FortressIQ eliminates the workforce distractions of in-person interviews and live process monitoring. Instead, it captures the actual methods so you can avoid costly rework and reconfiguring that slows progress and disappoints customers.

We’ve partnered with FortressIQ so that our joint customers can get their Digital Workforce up and running fast—and realize ROI—quicker than ever before. With this new partnership, users can easily create an automation roadmap that streamlines and enables rapid digital worker deployment at scale in as little as a few weeks.

– Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer, Blue Prism

Organizations have encountered roadblocks when trying to launch automation programs, especially when it comes to identifying which tasks and processes are ideal candidates. Customers need a better way to assess RPA opportunities and implement at scale. Our partnership with FortressIQ enables our customers to benefit from a best-in-class process discovery platform and accelerate the benefits of Power Automate.

– Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Process mining and process discovery are fueling digital transformation in the enterprise. FortressIQ's best-in-class process discovery platform leverages computer vision and deep learning to fully digitize known, unknown, visible, and invisible processes into a process abstraction. The company's Pinnacle Partner Program unlocks even more value for our clients to support their business transformation initiatives.

– Abhinav Kolhe, Head of Technology, intelligent process automation, Cognizant

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