All the benefits of computer vision, AI, and analytics to enable human-level observability with enterprise-ready security and privacy

Employee Experience

Empower and engage your workforce

Your best process optimizations often already exist, they are just buried within your workforce with no way to surface and expand. Our automated process discovery solution can find the proverbial needle in a haystack, highlighting how employees have already worked around bottlenecks and issues in enterprise processes. Once surfaced, these bottom-up innovations can be standardized and evangelized, delivering an improved experience, oftentimes without any technical investment at all.

System Optimization

Align technology to your business

Processes evolve faster than most enterprise systems can keep up. After layers of changes, upgrades, and reorganizations, business functions are affected by poorly supporting systems and often become obstacles to successful outcomes. Functionality ends up being replicated in multiple systems, optimal flows are disjointed and split, and the experience suffers. Leveraging cross application insights provided by FortressIQ, you can visualize the true journey of your business artifacts (invoices, purchase orders, employee applications, etc…) and learn how to leverage your existing technology to support or enforce a workflow that provides an optimal business outcome.

Process Redesign

Orchestrate the most optimal process

Simply put, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Traditional process documentation approaches which involve interviews, questionnaires, and anecdotes have been producing sub-optimal outcomes for years. With such a high cost (in both time and money) to acquiring process data it’s no wonder that organizations attempt to reengineer their processes so infrequently. FortressIQ’s detailed process data provides the information your subject matter experts or consulting partners need to truly analyze a process from end-to-end, and redesign it to meet your current objectives.

Value Engineering

Design your target operating model

Companies are under increasing pressure to reduce operating expenses. Weighing options is difficult when you lack the data and information you need to confidently make decisions that will make the greatest impact in achieving this goal. Every department will have different needs – whether the business process is outsourced, eliminated, or changed internally, having the most detailed and accurate information on the process will produce the insights you need to determine the best course of action.

Augmented Intelligence

Blend human capabilities with AI and automation

Anyone who believes that AI will replace humans, has a poor idea of both what humans are capable of, and what AI is capable of. To thrive in today’s complex business environment, you need to combine the best of what people do, with the best of what AI can do. With detailed process intelligence provided by FortressIQ, you can isolate activities which are optimal candidates for automation and RPA, while also zeroing in on activities which could benefit from more human attention. By combining these approaches, you can deliver processes which leverage the best in human empathy and technological innovation, delivering exponential outcomes.

How it Works

FortressIQ adds human-level observability across all applications throughout an organization by leveraging computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – with zero integration and universal compatibility – and the privacy and security of an on-premise solution. Our approach enables secure, automated business process discovery, modeling, and documentation – with accuracy and insights previously unattainable with traditional methods.


Eliminating the need for manual process capture by using analysts, questionnaires, screenshots, and time and motion studies speeds the time for process discovery up to 90% faster when compared to traditional methods, significantly improving time to value and increasing technology ROI.


Many organizations have stalled transformation projects because of unforeseen challenges with process discovery and the lack of detailed information. Having the ability to capture – in specific detail – all processes across the organization enables you to create an achievable roadmap for implementation success.


Combining the power of our data collection and modeling, the data-driven insights gleaned from our platform can get to a level of detail previously unattainable. These types of insights allow you to confidently make the strategic decisions that will have the biggest impact on your business.


Eliminate the workforce distraction of in-person analyst interviews and monitoring of how they execute processes and do their jobs. Capture the actual versus inferred methods and avoid rework and reconfiguring process changes that slow progress with inefficient discovery methods.

Mitigate Risk with Scalable Security and Privacy

Deploy a “zero compromise” solution without sacrifice. FortressIQ has certifications for SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA. In addition to the FortressIQ platform, our Privacy Enhanced Gateway (PEG) eliminates security and privacy concerns by filtering out sensitive data. Leverage the scale, cost savings, and rapid advancement of a cloud-based platform with the security and privacy of an on-premise deployment.