Why Healthcare Needs Process Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic may eventually ebb, but continued healthcare disruption shows no signs of stopping. The pressure to digitize, innovate, and scale your efforts is magnified by increasingly demanding patients, constantly shifting healthcare business models, and fluid regulatory environments. Business agility is a must, but making decisions on incomplete or incorrect process information can wreak havoc.

To enable successful optimization, automation, and transformation at scale, you must first understand the interconnectedness of people, process, technology, and data. FortressIQ Process Intelligence surpasses traditional process mining and discovery methods by using modern technologies to quickly deliver complete, detailed, and accurate insights unattainable with those traditional methods. The result is faster, less expensive, and more detailed process understanding, with zero disruption to workers; we’re talking weeks, not months or years.

How Process Intelligence Works for Healthcare

The healthcare landscape is in constant flux, and that pace of change is likely to continue indefinitely. That pressures you to adapt your healthcare operations, yet traditional, decades old process discovery technologies are slow, costly, and resource intensive. You need a faster, more effective way to improve processes and root out underlying inaccuracies and manual inconsistencies that lead to bad decisions. And you need to do it at scale while considering patient outcomes at every step.

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There is a better way. Process intelligence uses computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to discover, document, and analyze actionable process insights at the user level, in real-time and at enterprise scale. The technology deploys a lightweight software agent to record clicks and drag-and-drop activities on every system touchpoint. It then captures continuous screenshots which are interpreted by computer vision technology and natural language processing, and converted into structured data.

This comprehensive process data is then mined using machine learning and deep learning algorithms to discover and map all relevant processes. The findings are then presented via reports and visualizations of the data to help transformation teams assess, prioritize, and accelerate the targeted outcome, whether it’s automation, optimized revenue cycle management, quality and care improvements, accelerated clinical trials, or another initiative.

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A leading health insurance provider was losing more than $5M per year due to manual patient enrollment processes. It couldn’t wait 6 months for manual process discovery to detail these processes, so it turned to FortressIQ. In just 2 weeks, the insurer mapped and documented the processes of 100 workers across custom and web applications. The insights helped it automate 1,600 hours of yearly manual effort and recover $2.2M in previously lost revenue.

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Where Process Intelligence Helps Healthcare Providers and Payors

Process intelligence provides deep, accurate, and actionable details on every process used to run your operations. From optimizing patient flow to accelerating claims processing to improving compliance, and everywhere in between, process intelligence quickly gives you the data and insights to make sustainable, impactful, and informed decisions to improve patient, and business outcomes.

FortressIQ quickly decodes work at every level, with no bias or blind spots, and no gaps. You can then use this process intelligence to optimize operations, automate repetitive processes, accelerate revenue cycles, increase compliance and controls, streamline reporting, and much more. Even if systems and processes change across facilities and departments, FortressIQ provides continuous and comprehensive coverage so you can identify risks, optimize work, and focus on sustainable growth.

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For Providers

• Optimize patient flow
• Focus quality improvements (QI)
• Improve revenue cycle management

Payor Process Intelligence
For Payors

• Streamline policy issuance and underwriting
• Accelerate claims processing
• Improve member relationships

BioPharma Process Intelligence
For BioPharma

• Accelerate clinical trials
• Improve GCP/GMP compliance
• Optimize pharmacovigilance (PV) and AE reporting

Better Insights with Process Intelligence

Where administrative and clinical workflows interact, it creates complex processes that can impact the success of your overall efforts. Those activities, especially those connected with revenue, require data from dozens of systems and input from many workers. Improving those processes first requires an understanding of the true steps that drive such a complex cycle.

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FortressIQ Process Intelligence creates a detailed blueprint of every process across every application and department in your entire technology landscape, with universal compatibility and without painful integrations. In just weeks, you’ll see detailed information needed to answer your most pressing questions.

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