What is
Process Intelligence?

Process Intelligence is the automatic, continuous acquisition of process data, at scale, across every enterprise system. The goal is to provide fast, clear, and accurate visibility into the current state of your organization’s processes. It is ideally suited to helping companies eliminate process unknowns to better plan and execute business process automation, digital transformation, and enterprise optimization initiatives.

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Digital transformation projects tend to be slow to start and return real value because complex, large-scale change is impossible without detailed knowledge of current state activities. Unfortunately, most companies don’t truly understand how processes work on a granular, day-to-day level, down to where workers, applications, and data interact. So companies need to decode the work that’s being done today to understand what to improve, automate, or optimize tomorrow.

Process intelligence helps you collect, discover, and analyze data on how your business operates today so you can plan on improving for tomorrow, putting process data at the center of every employee, interaction and decision.

What Does Process Intelligence Provide?

Understanding how your organization actually operates is foundational to improving key business initiatives. Your processes are your organization’s DNA. You can’t improve a process if you don’t fully grasp how that process is executed by different roles, in different locations, or across the enterprise. There may be workarounds (both valid and non-compliant) worthy of exploring, unnecessary steps or systems, or cumbersome manual subprocess ripe for elimination. To learn more about the common pitfalls of business transformation, check out this blog post.

These process details can make or break every transformational effort. McKinsey & Company research found that “just 14 percent say their efforts have made and sustained performance improvements.” That means 86 percent fail to reach sustainable performance goals, frequently because “companies often miss all sorts of procedural elements that make a transformation thrive.” The result for your organization is wasted time, effort, and money. According to Harvard Business Review, of the $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2018, an estimated $900 billion was wasted because initiatives didn’t achieve their expected goals.

But, even when enterprises attempt to understand their internal processes, whether for business process automation, digital transformation, or enterprise optimization, they struggle with the lack of speed, accuracy, and coverage of traditional techniques. Legacy process mapping, process mining, and process discovery techniques are slow, expensive, and highly manual. To overcome those limitations, many organizations simply rely on estimations or small sample sizes, which results in less accuracy and less coverage.

In contrast, process intelligence uses modern technologies to quickly deliver complete, detailed, and accurate insights unattainable with those traditional methods. The result is faster, less expensive, and more detailed operational understanding, with zero disruption to workers, for faster improvements and more impactful business benefits.

This gives you a deeper, more accurate, and comprehensive understanding of how your company actually operates. You can then use the resulting process data to accelerate and improve key business initiatives, eliminate gaps in process understanding, and accelerate your automation and transformation programs. Read this report from HFS Research to see how FortressIQ is shaping the future of process intelligence.


Eliminating the need for manual process capture by using analysts, questionnaires, screenshots, and time and motion studies speeds the time for process discovery up to 90%.


Having the ability to capture – in specific detail – all processes across the organization enables you to create an achievable roadmap for implementation success.


Combining the power of our data collection and modeling, the data-driven insights gleaned from our platform allow you to confidently make the strategic decisions that will have the biggest impact on your business.


Eliminate the distraction of in-person analyst interviews and capture the actual versus inferred methods; avoiding rework and reconfiguring process changes that slow progress.

How Does Process Intelligence Work?

Enterprises have tried to tackle process discovery for decades, but the technology was inadequate and manual approaches were slow, costly, and resource intensive. As a result, organizations and consultants now rely on a mix of techniques—process mapping, process mining, task mining, task discovery, business analysts, and screen recorders—all claiming, but failing, to deliver the necessary insights at scale.

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We think there is a better way. Process intelligence uses computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to discover, document, and analyze actionable process insights at the user level, in real-time and at enterprise scale. The technology deploys a lightweight software agent to record clicks and drag-and-drop activities on every system touchpoint. It then captures continuous screenshots which are interpreted by computer vision technology and natural language processing, and converted into structured data.

This comprehensive process data is then mined using machine learning and deep learning algorithms to discover and map all relevant processes. The findings are then presented via reports and visualizations of the data to help transformation teams assess, prioritize, and accelerate the targeted outcome, whether it’s an automation, streamlined business process, improved customer/employee experience, or enhanced compliance.

Illustration ofhow FortressIQ improves the retail business process

Who Needs Process Intelligence?

Process intelligence delivers real-time, end-to-end process insights for the modern enterprise. It offers all the benefits of computer vision, AI, and analytics to enable human-level observability with enterprise-ready security and privacy.

The combination makes process intelligence ideal for enterprises seeking to empower and engage the workforce, optimize and align systems with business goals, engineer more value into the business by reducing operating expenses, enhance human capabilities with AI and automation, accelerate and improve the benefits of business transformation, and monitor and expand the results of existing digital transformation efforts.


“FortressIQ is meticulously designed to allow close to surgical precision of data mining to accurately quantify and isolate processes – no button choice or mouse click is spared.”

— Benjamin Nabulsi, Process Data Scientist, dentsu

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FortressIQ Process Intelligence creates a detailed blueprint of every process across every application and department in your entire technology landscape, with universal compatibility and without painful integrations. In just weeks, you’ll see detailed information needed to answer the most pressing questions facing your organization. FortressIQ Process Intelligence is secure, automated business process discovery, modeling, and documentation, with accuracy and insights traditional methods cannot match.

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